RUN for PLAN / Great Ethiopian Run

RUN for PLAN / Great Ethiopian Run

In november 2015 Jeroen van de Mast, director of VDM Model Management, will travel to Ethiopia to run 10km on an altitude of 3500m. to raise money for Plan's Girls First projects in Ethiopia.

The Great Ethiopian Run is a huge international run event in Addis Abeba. 40.000 participants run 10 km on an altitude of  3500m. The organizer is athlete Haile Gebrselassie , who is an olympic gold medal winner and world record holder. 

Jeroen van de Mast, director VDM Model Management, will participate in this challenge. 

The funds raised through this event will benefit Plan’s local projects in Ethiopia related to GirlsFirst. Please help Jeroen make this challenge to a success and DONATE.

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Jeroen van de Mast

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