International Day of the Girl 2015

Celebrate International Day of the Girl with us. Theme this year is child marriage. All over the world there are countries where childmarriages are still legal. Every 30 seconds a girl gets forced into marriage. 1 in 7 girls is younger then 15 years old and have to marry men much older. Plan Netherlands is campaigning against this and that's why we support Plan. Stop child marriage. Celebrate international day of the Girl with us by creating awareness and share your thought on social media.

Ymre StiekemaWendy DubbeldWendy DubbeldEmma RutteSofie Oosterwaal Farhiya Shire
Wendy Dubbeld - Move4Girls

Wendy Dubbeld

Sofie Oosterwaal - Move4Girls

Sofie Oosterwaal

Jeroen van de Mast - Move4Girls

Jeroen van de Mast

Farhiya Shire - Move4Girls

Farhiya Shire

Ymre Stiekema


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